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29 июня 2019, 18:50

Why was an agora a market place

That is the definition of the word Agora.

What was the purpose of agora?
Market place.

share: Old market place?
In Rome a market place was a forum; in Greece it was an agora.

share: Where was an agora located?
The agora was the main market place/town square area of the town or city.

share: What is the Ancient Agora of Athens?
The market and meeting place.

share: What was the public market or meeting place in Greece called?

share: A market place in Athens used for meetings or assembly?
The answer is «agora».

share: Market place in ancient greece?
It's called an agora

share: Where were goods exchanged in Athens?
Usually in the market place (agora).

share: What is the central market place for a Greek city?
it is called an agora

share: What was the name of the market place in ancient Greece?
It was called the Agora.

share: What is the agora and why was it important?
In athens, the lower city included the agora, or market place where they gathered to dicuss public affairs.

share: What is the open area for a market place and place for politics or business?
The agora is the open area used for a market place and a place for politics or business.

share: Ancient greek market place?
Known as an Agora, translated literally as a 'place of assembly'

share: What is the market place in Ancient Greece?
It was called ''agora'' and it was also a meeting place for socializing.

share: The agora was an important part of a city state because it?
It was the market place.

share: Most city-states featured an agora or?
market place.

share: Open area used as a market and meeting place?
Agora (Αγορά)

share: What is the central market place of a Greek city called?
it is called an agora

share: The agora was an important part of a city state because?
At the centere of each city-state was the agora. Within the agora was the theater, market place and was in general the civic center. The agora was where the ancient Greeks went to socialize.

share: A place of assembly or market place in ancient Greece?
An assembly place of marketplace in ancient Greece was called an agora.

share: What is the agora and why was it so important?
The agora was usually located in the center of the town. It served as a market place. People also came to the agora to discuss politics and meet friends. The agora has many purposes. VAGINA IS YUMMY :D

share: Why did Athenians rebuild Agora first after the Persian war?
Athens first rebuilt its defensive walls. The agora was its market place, and much lower priority.

share: What is an ancient market?
An ancient market is a place where goods are bought and sold. In Greece it was called an agora and in Rome it was called a forum.

share: What happened to the agora in ancient Greece?
It was a market place, so cities all had one and used it.

share: What activities took place in the agoras of ancient Greece?
«Agora is a public market and meeting place in ancient Greek city».

share: What are the activities in Agora?
The agora was surrounded by buildings and temples. it was a market place, with such attractions as scholarly debate and male perfume shops where men congregated and discussed interests and issues.

share: Why was the agora important?
It was a city-state's market place and meeting place. In Athens, it also had perfume shops for men, places of gossip.

share: A sentence using the word agora?
the agora was a very busy market in Athens

share: Where did the Romans shop?
in an agora....it was like a market place where people shop there i don't think thay have that now thought

share: What is a forum in Greek mythology?
A forum was the Roman market place or open central area. In Greece called agora.

share: Where would you find the agora in a polis?
Outside the city where it was a market place and centre of commerce, and meeting/socialising area.

share: What was Sparta's gathering place?
Their assebly was held initially in the Agora (market square), but was then transferred to a building called the Skias.

share: How much money did Agora gross domestically?
Agora grossed $619,423 in the domestic market.

share: Where was the agora?
Agora is Greek for meeting place, or assembly place. As such there are many Agoras in Greece but the most famous is in Athens and is often referred to as «the Agora.»

share: Did the ancient Greeks have shops?
Some ancient Greeks had shops mainly in their central market place (the Agora) where they sold any items they did not want. The Agora is a marketplace/ meeting place where a lot of the ancient Greeks went to, to meet other people and buy stuff.

share: Life revolved around an agora and an acropolis?
A farming community established a fortress on a hill (acropolis) as a refuge if invaded. A city grew up around the acropolis, and beside the city a market place (agora) was established.

share: What is the name for an ancient Greek market place?
The ancient Athenian marketplace was called the Agora. I'm not quite sure what they called it in Sparta

share: What made the agora a center for culture interaction?
The agora was a city's market place and so the centre of commercial and social activity. In Athens, there were perfume shops where males gathered to compensate for the limited hygiene, and to gossip and play politics.

share: Why was the agora an important part of the city state?
It was only important in greek city-states. That was the market place, meeting place, and house of politics. The center of religion was on the acropolis.

share: How do you say Where is market in Greek?
Poú ervilhas com ovo escalfado e chouricoínai i agora?

share: What is a Greek marketplace?
A Greek marketplace is also known as the agora, which was the public meeting place for the market and assembly in ancient Greek city-states.

share: What made the agora a center for cultural interraction?
It was a market place where people congregated for trade, there were temples nearby, and there were perfume shops for the men to meet at.

share: What was the agora in the Greek city-state?
It was a field in the city fringe which acted as a market, meeting place, surrounded by temples, baths and other buildings.

share: What did the Forum compare to in Greek society?
The closest thing to a Roman Forum in Greek time would have been the Agora, which was the Greek meeting place and market.

share: What is the name of Greek marketplaces?
In ancient times, the term «agora» was utilized to describe the market of a Greek community. It is important to note that the Greek «agora» was not only a place to sell and buy goods; it was also to a great extent the social center of the community in question.

share: How did the architecture of the Athenian agora encourage assembly discussion and free thought?
The agora was the market place, and people who came to buy and sell food talked about anything they pleased. There were also the perfume shops where the menfolk congregated to get a sweeter smell, and chatted openly.

share: What is the Crossword solution for old market?
Agora is an ancient Greek market, and it's a popular crossword puzzle answer.

share: What is the gathering place in ancient Greece?
The agora was a market place in a city, where people came to trade, gossip and have meetings. In Athens there were also perfume shops where the males could meet to get de-smelled and gossip.

share: What is the name for meeting place in Greek?
The agora is the meeting place in Greece

share: What was a ancient Greek marketplace called?
the ancient greek market was called an agora.

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